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Compassion Care Group service delivery is a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach that recognizes each individual in our care has experienced trauma. All staff will support efforts to prevent retraumatizing the client.

Behavior Management

Recognizing that Compassion Care Group clients may experience times when they have limited self-control and may become a danger to themselves or others, staff will utilize behavior management techniques, including de-escalation strategies, to support the client in regaining appropriate behavior.

Compassion Care Group prohibits the use of seclusion or mechanical restraints.
In the event of an emergency to prevent injury or self-injury to a client or to others, a physical restraint may be used by trained staff. The restraint will be applied for the least amount of time possible, continuously monitoring the client for any signs of distress.

Staffing & Records

Compassion Care Group includes clinical team members, specifically licensed or registered nurses, licensed mental health therapists, and physicians, who are available 24 hours a day, either on-site or by telehealth, for face-to-face delivery to provide care. Direct care staff are also present at ratios, not less than 1 to 8, designed to meet the needs of the program and, as needed, in a one-to-one capacity for a client.

The milieu is designed to support a welcoming environment that feels safe and allows personalization in the client’s rooms.

Compassion Care Group policies, procedures, and practices, as well as training, have been designed to recognize the widespread impact of trauma and understand potential paths for recovery; be aware of the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system and deliver care to actively avoid situations that could cause re-traumatization. The web-based EMSTracks record system includes comprehensive tools to capture client and family history and specific client needs to create the service delivery and treatment planning based on Compassion Care Group policies.

Admissions & Discharge

Each client is assessed upon admission with a comprehensive plan created within 30 days and reassessed every 30 days or more often as needed. Plans are designed to optimize reunification for each client. Discharge plans are also reviewed at each monthly team meeting. Changes to plans are noted as necessary.

Compassion Care Group seeks to encourage regular contact between the client and other members of the family, including siblings. Efforts to involve, as appropriate, the families of the client in the care of the client. Supporting the families may occur through individual or group therapy programming. Compassion Care Group seeks to support the clients and their families with ongoing and post-discharge aftercare support.

Discharge planning is initiated upon admission. Efforts to engage in partnership with the legal custodian and/or custodial agency no later than the next business day after a client is admitted will be made.

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